Simple Improvements I Can Make To My Car Right Now

Innovations in technology have increased but there are basic improvements you can make on a car before you do any major body work or restoration, and one of those things is spark plugs. One of the benefits of upgrading the spark plugs is better combustion, which means more power and better fuel economy. It’s also one of the cheaper products to install on a car. Another thing you can add to the car is a Cold-Air intake which obviously frees up air flow to the car’s engine, feeding it cooler and more condensed air.

One of the easiest ways to improve the performance of a vehicle is by fitting higher quality tyres and of course tyres fit for purpose, such as winter tyres or performance tyres, both of which can have a major impact on the driving style of the car. However, as someone who does body work and restoration, you may probably be wondering: Will I need a Tyre fitter to fit my purchased tyres? It is a specific skill so you will need someone who knows how to do it properly and you will need specialist equipment to do it as it isn’t the same as changing a wheel, because you are changing the tyre on the wheel and not the whole wheel itself.

Technology in your business may not just be about what’s in your workshop; if you are mobile in your operations then you could be looking at upgrading your vehicle, and may be thinking about the things you could get in that vehicle such as rear-view cameras, lane change assist, brake assist, city emergency braking, and other driver alert systems which can also make your life easier as a motor trader. As a mobile motor trader you will probably be asking other questions like: Can I get a discount as a mobile mechanic for car parts? - this is definitely a question for your vehicle parts supplier as you could be missing out on savings, which you could put towards a new van.

There are even more simple upgrades that can be added to a car that can help improve customers who on are on budget, one of which is a sway bar. A sway bar helps improve the handling by connecting the right side wheels with the left side wheels to help the car corner flat. There is also a short shifter which minimises the distance the shifter needs to travel which makes it quicker changing gears. Upgrading the exhaust system can make the car sound better and also add extra horsepower if it’s a free flowing exhaust system as it can relieve pressure on the engine.